93 Epic and Funny Birthday Shirts


You’re invited to a birthday party and you’ve been looking for a gift for a while now. Or maybe you’re a little late and need a quick but awesome birthday gift. One thing that will definitely make the recipient smile is a birthday shirt. You could get one from this funny shirts collection but if you want to get a shirt that he/she will be obsessed with and that will remind him or her of this special day for years to come, a shirt specifically designed for a birthday is a great choice.

Finding the right adult birthday T-Shirt that is not only funny, thoughtful and heartwarming but also matches the recipient’s personality can be tough. The shirt should make everyone laugh and be so epic, that he or she will wear it proudly on his/her birthday. To make the search of finding an awesome birthday shirt easier for you, we put together an article about shirts that are designed for a specific birthday. We will also look at different categories of shirts that will hopefully help you to narrow down your search.

Here is our list of epic and funny birthday shirt ideas, explanations of different birthday T-Shirt categories and shirt gift-wrapping ideas.

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